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Only Foals and Horses Sanctuary has been part of the community of East Lancashire Society for three decades and most people know it even if they haven’t visited.

In 2013 the charity founder and driving force, Olive Lomas, died. Ever since, the sanctuary has been fighting to survive as new trustees grapple with a daunting list of issues and problems. The first priority was to gain tighter control of financial resources. Loss-making charity shops were closed and new accountancy systems implemented. Attention then focussed on a 360 degree review of the charity's operations and administration resulting in new employment contracts and the introduction of pension schemes - to comply with new legislation. With these priorities addressed, surveys were conducted to assess the condition of buildings and services ie mains water supply, lighting, heating and electrical circuits. Now the charity must tackle the most essential works.

So what is volunteering all about?

Volunteering is all about putting something back into the community. Examples that are asked off at the sanctuary are: helping with mucking out, watering and feeding. Which comes along with the benefits of grooming, leading and exercising our sanctuary animals.

Volunteering for Only Foals and Horses could give you extra opportunities. You could help us by attending our open days. Perhaps if you have a keen eye, you could take photos of the yard and the horses that would be used on our social media platforms or even to update the website.

We asked our volunteers what they think is that the best part about helping at Only Foals and Horses. Our young helpers answered saying that the best part of volunteering was the chance to work around all the sanctuary’s horses and ponies.

How do I sign up?

You can visit our Sanctuary or you can use our free printable volunteer application, fill the information out and give us a copy. Once we have received your application, we can organise a starting date.

We asked one of our volunteers about how easy it was to sign up. She said it was so simple, that she came up to fill out our form and was up helping on the yard the next day.

Can anyone start volunteering?

Anyone can join our team and become a volunteer on our yard, volunteers need to be over fourteen to be left with the Sanctuary staff once all we have processed their application, which tends to be a quick process. They will learn how to complete jobs around the animals not just on their own but as a team.

How can I volunteer in my community?

There are a few local volunteer opportunities that can be done in your own community. You could support us by sharing our social media posts in your local community groups to boost awareness of what we are doing.

You could even go the extra mile by fundraising and raising money, that will be donated to the charity.

If you wish to start volunteering and require more information email us at Info@OnlyFoalsandHorses.org.uk.

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