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November 1, 2016
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To update lighting systems, mains water pipework, building repairs, toilet and washroom facilities

Only Foals and Horses Sanctuary has been part of the community of East Lancashire Society for three decades and most people know it even if they haven’t visited.

In 2013 the charity founder and driving force, Olive Lomas, died. Ever since, the sanctuary has been fighting to survive as new trustees grapple with a daunting list of issues and problems. The first priority was to gain tighter control of financial resources. Loss-making charity shops were closed and new accountancy systems implemented. Attention then focussed on a 360 degree review of the charity's operations and administration resulting in new employment contracts and the introduction of pension schemes - to comply with new legislation. With these priorities addressed, surveys were conducted to assess the condition of buildings and services ie mains water supply, lighting, heating and electrical circuits.Now the charity must tackle the most essential works.

  • New CCTV cameras have recently been installed and the leaking roof temporarily repaired. We need to focus attention now before winter on the following essential programme of work:
  • Laying new water pipes to improve supply to the stables
  • Improved toilet and washroom facilities
  • Facilities for the disabled, including access ramps
  • New boiler to supply hot water and heat
  • Repairs to the access road

Can you help?

If you can help with the supply of materials, skills, plant or equipment please contact us immediately.

Visit our volunteers page for more info 

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