L’Oréal tells Sanctuary ‘You’re Worth It!’

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September 1, 2016
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October 19, 2017

It all began when Carol Davis and Estelle Garner through their love of horses nominated our charity for support from the L’Oréal distribution centre (DC) Charity Council.

James Coe, the company’s Bury-based DC manager, visited Redshell Stables with his wife and baby daughter and saw for themselves the commitment of our stable staff and the calm contentment – despite sad and traumatic backgrounds - of the animals in our care.

“It’s moving and uplifting to see at first hand the good work that goes on every day at Only Foals and Horses, and the passion of the people involved,” says James, “I had no difficulty in inviting the Sanctuary to be one of four charities to benefit from this year’s prestigious annual Charity Night fund-raiser.”

By attending the 2016 event in Edenfield, volunteers from the Sanctuary received an impressive £1,368 on the night PLUS a generous supply of products.

“To bank that amount of money from just one event in the run-up to our winter appeal period is incredibly motivating,”says trustee for finance, Megan Taylor-Fleming.

“The winter months are the most costly and challenging of our animal welfare calendar. L’Oréal’s generous product donations enable us to entice people to buy more tickets for our raffle, tombola and other prize draws at our fund-raising events.”

Earlier this year, L’Oréal staff volunteered to help out with exterior painting at Redshell Stables, where we look after 72 ponies and horses, two donkeys and two goats. One volunteer, Carol Davis and her daughter, have even become sponsors of two of our equines.

So, on behalf of each and every animal in the Sanctuary from tiny Tom Thumb to our tall thoroughbred, Tilly, and all staff and volunteers, thank you L’Oréal, for your support during 2016

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