Meet Trigger

Even though he’s barely 12 hands high Trigger is a big personality. He got his name when the sanctuary was given permission to call itself Only Foals and Horses, although he is nothing like his human namesake, who was portrayed as a bit “dim”. Our Trigger is perky, bubble, clever and confident. He’s nosy, too, and likes to make sure no visitor passes his stable before he’s checked them out, even it means leaving his hay-net for a minute. We have to keep an eye on his diet, or he would look like a barrel on four short legs.
He enjoys being brushed and groomed for as long as possible. He wants his pampering to go on until he falls asleep. Trigger’s best buddy is Solomon and they always like to be within sight or whinnying distance of each other. Both of them are helping us to lay the foundations for our wellbeing programme of horse-human bonding, and because it includes grooming, they’re happy. Trigger has been with us at least fifteen years, and may have been one of a forlorn little huddle of barely-weaned foals cruelly separated from their mothers at auction. Our founder, Olive Lomas, rescued as many as she could from being slaughtered. Thankfully that terrible experience is long forgotten and he’s happy with his new family now.
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