Meet Solomon

We don’t know for certain how old Solomon is, but what happened to him would put years on anyone. This defenceless little pony was stabbed in the chest. Badly wounded, he was found in the Manchester area where no local sanctuary could take him - but knew someone who might. Solomon’s rescuers could see that he was clinging on to life and made their way, full of earnest hope, towards the Lancashire moors, and Olive. Her heart went out to this helpless little pony who’d suffered at the hands of humans. Not only did she find room for Solomon, she gave him all the medicine, veterinary care and tenderness he needed to survive his ordeal. That was many years ago and Solomon is fully recovered. His best buddy is Trigger, even though the pair are a bit like chalk and cheese. Solomon’s fearful experience made him withdraw into a quiet, sad little world. He did not trust, or want to have much to do with anyone. Staff at the sanctuary kept a close eye on him and pondered on what to do for the best.
Over time, they could see that a friendship was developing between doleful Solomon and another little pony, Trigger. Trigger got his name when the sanctuary was given permission to use Only Foals and Horses by the scriptwriter of that famous comedy series. However, he is nothing like his human namesake, who was a bit “dim.” Our Trigger is perky, bubbly, clever and confident. Solomon and Trigger are the firmest friends and always like to be in sight or whinnying distance of each other. They are both helping us to lay the foundations for our wellbeing programme of horse-human bonding and Solomon, in particular, is turning into one of our brightest stars. His ability to forgive people, despite his ordeal, is remarkable.
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