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Easter Family Fun Weekend
March 20, 2018
Easter Open Day
2019 Easter Open Day
April 21, 2019

We spent a long hot summer doing major work on the buildings and fields. With a grant of £15,000 from the Elise Pilkington Trust which enabled us to install field drainage and start the work of levelling the paddocks. When the muck heap had been removed (it was so well rotted that it made excellent soil for the fields) we could then access the buildings with larger equipment to begin renewing the stabling.Previously the stabling in our second barn has been a interesting mix of different levels and shapes of enclosures, dating back to when the shed was used for cattle. Now outdated, and not always the best arrangement, it was time to crack on and do something better. The steps and raised areas of the floor were chipped out (a very tedious and difficult job), the old concrete walls were removed and the floor generally levelled.

Before – the old stables were long pens, most of which had a step up on entry. Ponies were put in compatible groups in each pen, but the step up made it awkward, especially for staff mucking out

Insert your content hereThis work was completed by staff, volunteers and trustee Mark who gave up 6 months of work to labour onsite for free, however it became time for him to return to work and we had a dilemma. The hardest part of getting the building had been done, but the new stables had not yet been built. The weather was starting to close in, and we knew we needed to find help quickly.

Help came in the form of Metcalfe and Jones, Roofing and Building Maintenance, who provided a team of skilled workers for 3 days to work on the blockwork, for free!

We are hugely grateful to the company for giving us this gift of their skilled labour.
As you can see, with freshly painted steelwork and new 12ft by 12ft stables, no steps and long clear walkways everything will be easier for both horses and staff.


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