Top 10 Achievements 2017

Inspired thinking and bold changes bring hope for a brighter future

  • Developing our own equine facilitated learning programme GROOM2GROW. Through a series of trust building interactive sessions, our rescued horses mirror human care and kindness and become healers.
  • Working with the Princes Trust to provide placements for some of the 1 in 10 young people who feel they have no future. Our horses and the environment of the sanctuary combine to create a unique learning experience, encouraging them to acquire new skills. Read Thomas’s story
  • Collaborating with NHS Mersey Care Foundation Trust to pilot a Groom2Grow initiative developed specifically for people with learning disabilities. A complete evaluation of positive outcomes and benefits is currently being compiled by the Trust.
  • Promoting the proven benefits of our GROOM2GROW programme to more diverse user groups - Carer’s Link UK are already booked for 2018. We are confident more will follow. The success of our pilot scheme proves we have something that is needed and wanted.
  • Chosen as Charity of the Year (2018) by pupils of St Andrews Church of England School, Oswaldtwistle. Children will visit us on a weekly basis to learn about equine welfare, compassion and respect for all animals.
  • Gaining recognition from Accrington Pony Club for the compassionate work we do and a donation from club members. The club makes regular visits to the Sanctuary, so that horse owners of the future may be more aware of the dangers of complacent care and neglect.
  • Launching a new digital marketing and social media fundraising campaign to promote the charity’s work. Experts forecast 50% of all charity donations will be online within a few years. We are now in a stronger position to benefit from the digital age
  • Ensuring our financial affairs are tightly controlled and managed by out-sourcing this work to an independent accountancy practice - improving efficiency and ensuring greater data security. We now have access anytime to a qualified account for advice and guidance.
  • Harnessing the know-how and experience of a former Lottery bid-assessor to access new sources of funding through bid applications. Without our GROOM2GROW wellbeing strategy, the sanctuary would not be eligible to apply for this type of funding.


The charity is managed by a board of trustees all working on a voluntary basis, part-time and unpaid. The board seeks to act and operate at all times, in accordance with the Charities Commission guidelines.

Charity No: 1053861

£242,751 - Total expenditure 2017

Breakdown of costs

Animal welfare and care

12 full-time stable workers,
Yard Manager, Office Manager

Building costs

Rents, rates, repairs, renewals,
lighting, heating and water

Essential supplies and services

Food, bedding, vets fees,
cleaning and waste disposal

Fundraising and administration

Insurance, accountancy
and legal costs
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