2019 Easter Open Day

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October 11, 2018
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May 1, 2020
Easter Open Day

Our open days always allow the public free entry to come down, enjoy the horses and join in activities to help raise funds for the Sanctuary. It goes to show how these events can bring people together and make a huge difference. A £1008.23 difference! Wow, what an outcome for a one-day event.

So what was going on?

Our horses got quite the pampering from all the public, from just being petted in their stables to being groomed for just £3. Trigger by far enjoyed this part of the weekend the most, being one of the few horses being used for Groom a Pony. Trigger is part of our Groom2Grow programme and helps both horses and people feel better around each other.

Throughout the day we had our Raffle tickets on sale, having six huge prizes up for the grabbing. All donated by the generous public. Congratulations to all the winners, they have been contacted and the prizes are awaiting collection from the Sanctuary.

“Collected my prize today! Thanks so much. 1st prize and the egg is massive! Lovely fluffy Keel bunny teddy too.” Amy Weeks

During our Easter Open Day, we were joined by two Easter bunnies, brought in by one of our volunteers. Letting the public groom and stroke their bunnies, as well as organising “Guess the name of the Rabbit” which at the end of the day was revealed to be: Magic!

We were running a drawing competition for two different age categories. For the older group, the winner was Ellie. She had drawn Wendy on her entry sheet, her prize was a yearly sponsorship for Wendy.

Our Tea Room was available throughout the event, many of our customers were sat out on our outside seating admiring the view and enjoying the lovely weather. To top off our Tea Room we had a lovely cake stall, with cakes that were made by our volunteers.

We are so grateful for all the gifts and items that we were donated by the public to create our huge, prize every time tombola. Receiving over 200 items specifically just for our Open Day event. We raised over £180 from the tombola alone, and this is all within just three hours.

A Huge Thank You!

Thank you so much for everyone who made this happen, from the public who came along and raised our funds to our Staff and Volunteers that went to the effort of organising, helping and running the event. Without all of this, our Sanctuary wouldn’t be able to run its day to day routine.

If you wish to continue to help us fund our Sanctuary, you can donate through our website.

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