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Winter Sanctuary Appeal

The winter months are the most demanding time for the team at Only Foals & Horses Sanctuary. Over the past 30 years we have run many Winter Appeals, and generous animal lovers from near and far have responded. Your donations this winter will literally save the lives of many of our horses.


We are in the grips of Winter, and with that comes the freezing cold, sharp winds and drenching rain. Most of us can shelter in a comfy home, away from the cold in front of a radiator or curled up in a cosy bed at night. Without shelter and warmth for our horses they will struggle to survive.

This is where your donation really goes.

  • Your donation will go towards medicines to treat conditions or illness caused by previous mistreatment.
  • Your donation will go towards an individual care plan for each horse or pony that will include regular visits from the veterinary practitioner, the equine dentist and the farrier.
  • Your donation will cover the basic call-out fee for our vet, and as many of our animals have had traumatic pasts, his expert care is frequently required.

The best way to donate

  • Option One: You can sponsor a horse for a year for £15, and we'll send you regular updates and photos, so you can follow your horse’s journey to becoming healthier and happier again.
  • Option Two: You can sponsor a horse for the rest of its life for £100, and really make a difference to him or her.
  • Option Three: Contribute what you can, knowing that every penny helps.

    Click here to donate now

Where do our rescued animals come from?

Some were saved in the nick of time from the hill-to-hell process that drives them down from their natural, wild environments, through the heartless livestock auctions and into transporters destined for slaughterhouses in the UK.

Some had loving homes once, but were sold on, or their owners’ circumstances changed dramatically. Others were rescued from various forms of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

But they are safe with us, now.


Here are a few testimonials from people who have visited the Sanctuary, and been deeply affected by the experience.

A young woman from Bolton, who has suffered from depression for several years, came for the first time on the recommendation of her mother:
“I was drawn straight away to a medium-sized pony called Jack, and just standing by his stall while he pulled hay out of a net and slowly munched it was quite calming. After a while, he put his head over the half door and let it rest against me. It was a good feeling, as if someone was standing by me. I stroked his forehead for several minutes and actually felt like telling him what was going on in my head.”

Will from Manchester:
“Knowing my donation is being well used at Only Foals and Horses gives me a great sense of wellbeing. It’s only a few quid a week and I know it’s helping vulnerable animals and I’ve seen first-hand the difference it makes”

Please remember, we desperately need your donations and your support.

The animals you help to keep safe in our Sanctuary will welcome you when you come to visit, and you can experience for yourself the unique “rescue therapy” that our horses and ponies can repay you with.

Our animals

Below is just a small selection of the animals we care for at Only Foals and Horses Sanctuary. If you're looking to donate, choose which of our animals you'd like to sponsor from the gallery, then click here to make your donation.